The Mission Trail is One of San Antonio’s Best Weekend Bike Trips

One of the great things about San Antonio is that there’s no shortage of locations for weekend bike trips. This month, we’d like to talk about the Mission Trail, a 14-mile excursion that takes cyclists along the San Antonio River and past the historic missions in the southern part of the city.

The route’s gentle elevation changes and paved surface makes it perfect for families, comfort bike riders, and others looking for a leisurely trip along a scenic pathway. Another pleasant thing about the route is that there are no motorists to share the road with. This makes it ideal for kids, as well as for beginning bikers who haven’t yet developed their road awareness skills.

Trail highlights include plenty of scenic views and generous shade from the sun, due to the mature trees that line the river. However, the main attractions are the missions, including the most famous of Texas landmarks, the Alamo. Founded in 1817, the structure contains relics and other memorabilia, which document the battle with Santa Anna in 1836.

Mission Concepcion is also just off the trail. Built in 1731, it’s a marvelous example of classic Spanish architecture that looks almost unchanged from when it was first built. The wall hangings and ceiling paintings are renowned worldwide for their exquisite beauty.

Also near the trail is the Mission San Francisco de la Espada, built in 1731. It has splendid examples of dams and aqueducts that have been in place and functioning since the 1730s. Mission San Jose, founded in 1720, is known as “queen of the missions” due to its magnificent construction.

Please note that, while water is available on the trail during daylight hours, there are no places that serve food. Riders are encouraged to bring their own snacks and drinks for their weekend bike trips. The Mission Trail is a splendid trip through Texas’ glorious past and is highly recommended for all cyclists.