San Antonio Sightseeing Trips: The Gruene Bike Trails

Options for San Antonio sightseeing trips are abundant, especially for bicycle riders. The city and its surrounding area are rich with trails that are perfect for two wheels. One of the most popular destinations for cyclists is the tiny town of Gruene, located in between San Antonio and Austin. The location is the site of the annual Tour De Gruene in early November, but the various routes can be enjoyed any time of year. Here’s a look at some of the more popular trails:

  1. A short, 10-mile ride begins in Gruene then heads towards the town of Hunter in the northeast. Along the way, riders have the chance to enjoy some of the Lone Star State’s most picturesque farmland. The return route goes through the little hamlet of New Braunfels, crossing the Guadalupe River twice in the process. An easy journey for even beginning cyclists, the route is exceptionally flat, with only 112 feet of elevation gain during its entire course.
  2. A longer, 20-mile route also starts in Gruene, traveling into Hunter itself. Along the way, riders will traverse meandering country roads surrounded by cotton farms and ranches. On the return trip, the route goes past the Comal County Fairgrounds before returning to Gruene. With 272 feet of elevation gain, this trail is modestly hilly.
  3. An even longer, 30-mile course leads northeast from Gruene and goes directly through Hunter and beyond. It links with York Creek Road, which rewards cyclists by leading them along a pleasant stream heavily shaded with trees. It then returns to Gruene, having led riders over 427 feet of elevation gain. This is about as hilly as it gets in this part of Texas.

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