7 Great San Antonio Bike Routes

We don’t want to sound immodest, but San Antonio is a cyclist’s paradise.  There are more great San Antonio bike routes than there are in some entire states!

While downtown is our home base (and one of our favorite places to ride!), it’s surely not the only place in San Antonio for cyclists. Here are a few other must-ride trails around town.  Some are best suited for mountain bikes, others for street or comfort cycles, but each offers a great combination of fun, challenge, and fantastic scenery.

  1. Located near Helotes, Government Canyon State Natural Area offers a variety of routes for both beginners and experienced cyclists.  The area known as the “front country” is relatively tame, very similar to the trails at nearby McAllister Park.  The section known as the “back country,” on the other hand, is perfect for those seeking mountain bike-level challenges; it’s rife with drop offs, hard switchbacks, and steep rises.  There’s a small fee for daily use of the area.
  2. Long known as the “cleanest little park in TX,” O.P. Schnabel Park has dramatic cliff overlooks and other sites that are ideal for bikers of all skill levels.  Trails range from paved, level routes to challenging loops well off the beaten path.  The areas around Leon Creek are especially well suited to mountain bikes.  You’ll also find a track specially designed for BMX riders, complete with jump sections.  Each trail is marked according to level of difficulty.
  3. Already well known in the San Antonio area, the Leon Creek Greenway was recently extended by the addition of 15 miles of new trails.  It connects with routes in or close to Bamberger, Cathedral, and O.P. Schnabel parks.  While this trail is paved, don’t think it’s easy; there are steep climbs and other advanced features.  Take plenty of water with you.
  4. Olmos Basin has come a long way from the days when it consisted of a few short walking trails.  The local cycling community has transformed it into a challenging but ultra-fun location for bikers, with trails that wind through deeply forested areas and sometimes offer a narrow passageway between trees.  While most of the area is flat, the terrain offers plenty of challenges for experienced riders.  Much of it follows local flood plains, but other sections are rocky and uneven, offering a taste of all-terrain biking without being too difficult for novice or intermediate-level cyclists.
  5. Short but full of San Antonio sights, the new 4.5-mile stretch of the Salado Creek North Greenway starts at Voelker Park.  It follows the twists and turns of the stream until the asphalt/concrete pavement disappears.  The riding surface turns into a stony, uneven path that’s filled with roots and large rocks to watch out for.  In other words, this is a perfect route for technical cyclists.  Be aware that this trail is open to walkers and pets as well, so watch out for both as you ride.
  6. About 30 minutes east of San Antonio is a folksy little town named New Berlin, though it’s commonly known as Britzkie Station.  In the center of this charming community is the Britzkie Station and Café, known far and wide for its pies and its delectable fried catfish platters.  But for cyclists, the main attraction in this rural area is the hundreds of miles of dirt roads that take you past some of the prettiest farmland in Texas.  Ulrich Road, a tree-lined, highly shaded route just out of town, is especially popular with bikers, photographers, and nature lovers.
  7. McAllister Park, an almost 1,000-acre park between Jones Maltsberger and Wetmore, was opened in 1968. It now offers ten miles of natural dirt trails for cyclists, as well as many paved paths, a dog park, picnic areas and pavilions. The 5.8-mile Blue Loop trail circles the perimeter of the park, and provides a nice variety of scenery, with some intense drops, climbs, and technical sections. Mud Creek Loop is another unpaved trail near the Optimist Pavilion, covering about 1.5 miles. Watch for other cyclists and pedestrians, as this park is very popular amongst walkers.

You can find out more about these routes by visiting Texas Trails. But before you set out on your latest biking adventure, make sure your cycle is in good shape first.  Bring it by Alamo Bike Shop and we’ll be happy to give it a thorough inspection, perform any needed maintenance or repairs, and suggest other great local trails.  Looking for routes in downtown San Antonio? Give us a call; we offer San Antonio bike tours in the beautiful downtown center. In the market for a new bicycle? We’ve got a great selection, no matter your preferences. Drop by and see us soon!

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  1. i’ll be in san antonio 2/4-8/13 , staying @ a riverwalk hotel. pls advise if you’re near this area so i walk to the shop or need to arrange for pickup or transportation. i plan on renting a bike for a few days , ride the mission trail myself & maybe take the king williams tour on wednesday 2/6? (i like scenic beauty , history & a casual ride) any other info or recs would be appreciated – thx

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